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ResinTech's expert technical staff has considerable experience in virtually all ion exchange and adsorption applications. They are dedicated to the corporate objective of providing customers excellent products and the best technical support available anywhere.

West Coast Sales Midwest Sales East Coast Sales
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Frank DeSilva Carl Galletti William Koebel
National Sales Manager Technical Sales Representative Technical Sales Representative
Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL  Pittsbugh, PA
Mobile: (760) 809-4864 Mobile: (708) 261-5931
LA Office: (323) 262-1600 Direct: (708) 777-1167 Direct: (412) 436-3638
Fax: (323) 262-1615 Fax: (708) 777-1172 Fax: (856) 768-9601

Western Residential Sales National Accounts Manager Northeast Sales
DougWesson.jpg RandyHockenberry.jpg TimMeehan.jpg
Doug Wesson Randy Hockenberry
Tim Meehan
Western Sales Representative National Accounts Manager Technical Sales Representative
Phoenix, AZ  Chicago, IL West Berlin, NJ 
Mobile: (480) 650-6209 Mobile: (708) 205-8274 Mobile: (215) 688-7907
Direct: (480) 526-8410 Office: (856) 626-1550 x1214 Office: (856) 768-9600

Latin America-Caribbean 

Far East Sales

West Coast Sales

LuisReyes.jpg Seth Rockmacher.jpg Justin.png
Luis Reyes Seth Rockmacher  Justin Schram
Technical Sales Representative International Sales Representative Technical Sales Representative
Sarasota, FL West Berlin, NJ USA Los Angeles, CA
Mobile: (914) 350-8045 Direct: (856) 626-1531 Mobile: (760) 277-7921
Office: (856) 768-9600 Fax: (856) 768-9601 Fax: (323) 262-1615

Europe, Africa, & Middle East

Latin America

picture of parag (002).jpg e968d9e2-91cb-4cc2-bbcb-4a020c076df8.jpg
Parag Deval Sergio Mijares
Director, Int'l Sales & Business Development Sales Manager
Office: 856.768.9600 x 1130 Mobile: 904.788.5519
856.768.9601 856.768.9601

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