Weak Acid Cation Resin, Acrylic Macroporous, Hydrogen Form

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ResinTech SX-C70-H is a weak acid cation resin supplied in the hydrogen form. It is intended for use in the sugar industry for sucrose decationization. SX-C70-H has a hyper-reticulated polymer structure and extensive macroporous area that allows efficient and fast exchange kinetics. This avoids the formation of HMF*. SX-C70-H has a very high mechanical/osmotic resistance that ensures a long service life.

  • Sucrose decationization

Typical Properties

Polymer Matrix Acrylic Macroporous
Ionic Form Hydrogen
Functional Group Carboxylic Acid
Physical Form Spherical Beads
Color White to Cream
Particle Size 16 to 50 US Mesh (297 - 1190 μm)
Minimum Sphericity 93%
Uniformity Coefficient 1.7
Reversable Swelling H → Na 50% to 60%
Temperature Limit 212°F (100°C)
Total Exchange Capacity (meq/mL) 1.7
Moisture Retention 50% to 55%
Shipping Weight 47 - 49 lbs/ft³ (753 - 785 g/L)

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