Color-Indicating DI Mixed Bed Resin, Polystyrenic Gel, Hydrogen & Free Base Form

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ResinTech MBD-100 is a 2:3 volumetric mixture of CG8-H-ID (a dyed hydrogen form cation resin) and WBMP (a free base form macroporous weak base anion resin). The cation component is dyed royal purple and changes color as it exhausts. MBD-100 is intended for cartridge and other single-use applications where carbon dioxide and silica removal is not required, where high resistivity is not needed, and where a color indication of resin exhaustion is desired.

  • Cartridge Applications (Reduction of CO₂ and SiO₂ is not required)

  • Bulk Ion Reduction

Typical Properties

Polymer Matrix Styrenic Gel
Ionic Form Hydrogen & Free Base
Functional Group Sulfonic Acid / Dimethylamine
Physical Form Spherical Beads
Media Combination CG8-H-ID [40%] and WBMP [60%]
Color Amber & Amber
Particle Size 16 to 50 US Mesh (297 - 1190 μm)
Reversable Swelling Insignificant
Temperature Limit 250°F (121°C)
Total Exchange Capacity (meq/mL) 0.7
Moisture Retention 55% to 60%
Shipping Weight 44 - 46 lbs/ft³ (705 - 737 g/L)
REACH Registered YES

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