AGC-50 CS-Si

Granular Activated Carbon

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ResinTech AGC-50 CS-Si is a silver impregnated dry 20 x 50 mesh coconut shell based granular activated carbon. It has silver chemically dispersed into the carbon pores. AGC-50 CS-Si is intended for use in potable water where it is necessary to inhibit the growth of bacteria and for the removal of Iodine 129. It is Gold Seal Certified by the WQA for use in potable water applications.

  • Chlorine Reduction

  • Organics Reduction

Typical Properties

Physical Form Carbonaceous Granules
Color Black
Particle Size 20 to 50 US Mesh (297 - 841 μm)
Temperature Limit 212°F (100°C)
Moisture Retention 20% to 30%
Shipping Weight 29 - 31 lbs/ft³ (465 - 497 g/L)
REACH Registered YES

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