Granular Activated Carbon

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 AGC-40-CENTAUR is a dry 12×40 mesh bituminous coal based granular activated carbon. Centaur® is a registered trademark of Calgon®. It is Gold Seal Certified by the WQA for use in potable water applications. It has relatively large mesh size and large pores. AGC-40-CENTAUR is intended for chlorine or NOM removal and where suspended solids might plug a finer mesh carbon. 

  • Chlorine Removal

  • Organics Removal

  • Chloramine Reduction

Typical Properties

Physical Form Coal Carbonaceous Granules
Color Black
Particle Size 12 to 40 US Mesh (400 - 1680 μm)
Shipping Weight 43 - 45 lbs/ft³ (689 - 721 g/L)
Media Sub Category Catalytic Carbon

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