Ion Exchange Applications of Simulation Technology

Using performance prediction software to forecast ion exchange resin performance. Simulation technology with its ion exchange (IX) application can provide additional advantages validated by number of simulated pilot plant studies covering hundreds of cycles of exhaustion and regeneration. The advanced simulation technology is known to combine mass action and kinetic relationships to simulate exhaustion and calculating profile for each ion in each portion of the water and the resin bed as the water. The behavior of all contaminants can be modeled by simulation technology by comparing the peak and average leakage levels with Maximum Contaminants List (MCL) guidelines. The initially performed simulations exhibited the effluent profiles for the virgin cycle of operation by employing a nitrate selective resin with an aim to prevent the chromatographic dumping of nitrates by sulfates. Simulation technology can also replace physical pilot plant studies providing data in minutes that can further stimulate concurrent, countercurrent and homogenized bed regeneration techniques for the desired number of cycles.