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Wastewater treatment systems face increasingly stringent discharge limitations, in many cases lower than the limits for the supplies used as feedwater. Ion exchange resins and adsorbent medias are often ideally suited for removal of specific contaminants and/or for polishing the effluent from other wastewater treatment processes.

ResinTech provides a large number of products for wastewater treatment including chelating resins, resins suitable for organic scavenging and resins for selected removal of specific contaminants, such as boron, phosphate, heavy metals, arsenic etc.

Although the possibilities are almost endless, ResinTech’s expert technical staff is familiar with most commercially viable processes and can provide guidance and basic capacity/leakage data for all of our full line of ion exchange and adsorbent products.

ResinTech ion exchange products are available in many container sizes, mesh sizes, and can be specially prepared to be pH buffered or in a specific ionic form, ready to use. Many of these products are also available with the WQA Gold Seal certification to the ANSI/NSF 61 standard for potable water.

SIR-100-HP Nitrate selective strong base anion resin.
SIR-110-HP Perchlorate selective strong base anion resin.
SIR-150 Boron selective weak base anion resin with N-Methyl glucamine functional groups. (Call For Specifications)
SIR-200 Mercury and heavy metal selective very weakly acidic cation resin with thiol functional groups.
SIR-300 Iminodiacetic weakly acidic chelating resin selective for divalent transition metals such as Cu, Ni, Zn, Cd etc.
SIR-400 Mercury and precious metal selective weakly basic anion resin with thiouronium functional groups.
SIR-500 Aminophosphonic weakly acidic chelating resin selective for hardness ions as well as divalent transition metals such as Cu, Ni, Zn, Cd etc.
SIR-600 Specially prepared natural zeolite selective for potassium, ammonia and cesium.
SIR-700 Acid sulfate form granular weak base resin with exceptionally high capacity for hexavalent chrome.
SIR-800 Sulfite form strong base anion resin for oxygen removal in polishing applications.
SIR-900 Aluminum oxide adsorbent, selective for fluoride, arsenic, lead etc.
SIR-1000 Picolylamine weak base chelating resin selective for copper and other divalent transition metals even in highly acidic solutions.
SIR-1200 Specially prepared strong base anion resin used for removal of natural uranium.

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