VOC Treatment and Removal

Volatile organics are an unfortunate legacy, contaminating many drinking water supplies and are frequently present in wastewater and storm water discharges. VOC’s include spent solvents from dry cleaning as well as other volatile organic residuals from various degreasers and other industrial and chemical manufacturing.

Many VOC’s have adverse health effects ranging from acute to chronic. Some are known to cause cancer in animals and are therefore suspected of causing cancers in humans. Limits for various VOC’s vary widely but are most often set at very low ppb or even ppt levels. Removal of VOC’s at low concentrations is commonly accomplished using granular activated carbon.

ResinTech offers a complete line up of granular carbons and other adsorbents for removal of volatile organics from water. We provide pre-wetted dust free carbons as well as acid washed, nut shell, and catalytic carbons. ResinTech medical grade carbon is also batch certified to contain low levels of hazardous trace metals. We can also provide recycling services for spent carbons used for VOC removal.


Acid washed granular carbon.


Ultrapure carbon with batch certification.

AGC-40 Centaur®

Catalytic carbon by Calgon

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