Support Beds & Filtration Medias

ResinTech offers graded gravel and graded anthracite support bed and subfill materials as accessories to ion exchange systems and tanks.

Subfills are used to fill the spaces underneath the underdrain collection system, helping to prevent hideout and stagnant areas within an exchange tank. Support beds act as a spacer between underdrain systems and active ion exchange resins providing equalized distribution and collection as well as a flat support for the resin bed.

Support beds and subfills help over come limitations of distributions systems, particularly in fiberglass tanks where options for distribution systems are limited.

Support bed materials are generally stocked in New Jersey, and can be shipped along with ion exchange resins and tanks as a convenience for one source shipping.


Support gravel, the lower strata of a filter bed, acts to support the filter medium. The maximum efficiency, the support gravel must possess the necessary attributes of hardness and be rounded or non-angular. Correct gradation and sizing must be calculated to properly support the filter media.

Available in graded sizes for use as support beds, sub fill and filtration. Gravel is much denser than ion exchange resin, ensuring that it will remain in place, even during backwash.


Anthracite typically produces consistent improvements in turbidity removal because, in part, to more efficient solids loading. Low university coefficient media also produces smaller changes in effluent turbidity during periods of peak influent turbidity.

Available in graded sizes for use as support beds, sub fill and filtration. Anthracite is lighter and easier to work with than gravel and does not contain silica or other potential contaminants that could leach into the treated water.

KDF® Redox media that can be used to remove hydrogen sulfide or increase the rate of oxidation of contaminants such as iron, manganese, arsenic, etc.

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