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Service Deionization Optimization

ResinTech offers a variety of technical services for service deionization regeneration plants (aka PEDI – Portable Exchange DI)

  • Plant audit of the complete regeneration process involves a review of the flowrates, contact times, solution strengths and rinse volumes for each step
    • Separation/backwash
    • Chemical addition
    • Rinsing to quality
    • Remixing the resin
  • Benefits to the plant owner
    • Reduce water consumption and discharge volumes
    • Improve the quality of the finished mixed bed
    • Maximize the effectiveness of the chemicals used for regeneration and neutralization
    • Extend the life of the resin

Demineralization Plant Audit

ResinTech technical experts are available to conduct on-site plant audits for existing DI plants. This is particularly advantageous for older facilities that may have experienced changes in influent water chemistry or effluent requirements, or plants that have been retrofitted with RO pretreatment. Taking a holistic look at the complete operation may include an influent water analysis, laboratory analysis of the ion exchange resin, elution studies of the regeneration process and calculations of expected performance. Benefits to the client may include a reduction of water consumption, cutback on chemical usage, longer run lengths between regenerations, and improved effluent quality.

System Startup Consultation

Experience helps when new equipment is installed. Have one of our technical experts onsite during the startup process to ensure a smooth commissioning. We can provide suggestions for resin handling and storage, charging the vessels with the new resin, initial backwashing procedure, and step through the regeneration process. 


The ResinTech Technical Department can provide timely troubleshooting advice by phone or video to keep your system running its best. We can quickly remedy the problem by analyzing the symptoms, identifying the cause, and generating a remediation plan to keep the system up and running. Our technical team draws on years of plant experience and knows what to look for in these situations. For example, did the problem appear suddenly (physical problem) or did it build up over time (typical of resin fouling)? We can also provide a thorough troubleshooting checklist for specific application

Process Optimization

The ResinTech Technical Department can assist you in designing systems for ion exchange by analyzing the parameters and selecting the correct resin and treatment scheme based on:

  • The influent water or solution source
  • Desired effluent goal
  • Regenerable or once-through application
  • Regeneration chemicals availability
  • Ability to discharge wastewater on-site
  • Order of treatment (e.g. cation – anion – mixed bed)
  • Location in overall treatment scheme (before or after RO, UV, softener, etc.)
  • Monitoring requirements

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