ResinTech offers advanced bench scale pilot tests with ion exchange resins, activated carbon, or other specialty adsorbent medias. Bench scale tests are an effective tool to evaluate the performance of ion exchange resins and other media.

Performance data from column tests can be used to judge if ion exchange technology is a viable process for removal of a specific contaminant. Bench scale tests are also useful when scaling up to a full size system.



Column Testing Includes

  • An initial characterization of the water (water analysis including the targeted contaminant(s) and the bulk ions.
  • A column effluent profile of the targeted contaminant(s) over 8 to 10 points of the estimated exhaustion.
  • A report interpreting the results.

ResinTech proprietary Multiple Ion Simulation Technology (MIST-X) can be used to extract constants from bench scale results that are then used to model other process conditions, minimizing the need of fur- ther column tests.

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