A wide range of technical services and resource recovery solutions designed to promote distributor relationships and improve operator efficiency.

Lab Services

The brightest scientists and most sensitive water testing equipment in the world are dedicated to making your water healthier to drink and safer to use.

Resin Regeneration Services

Regeneration solutions for a full range of ion exchange media including metal bearing resins. Certified clean resins are returned to you and waste is disposed of according to EPA standards.

RO Membrane Restoration

Specially engineered cleaning stations that combine the right combination of flows, temperatures, pressures and solutions to effectively extend the life of your RO membranes.

Water Treatment Consulting Services

Ask the leading IX scientists in the world for help with product or process recommendations to ensure optimal water treatment operations for virtually any use case.

Private Labelling

Want to outsource manufacturing and package products under your own label? Our contract packaging capabilities can help us execute your brand on demand.

Custom Product Engineering

We help OEMs and other companies design solutions for the most critical water filtration components and manufacture them at scale.

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