Weak Base Anion Resin, Polystyrenic Macroporous, Hydroxide Form

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ResinTech PX-A75-OH is a weak base macroporous catalyst with large porous polymeric structure that allows aqueous and non aqueous catalytic reactions inside of the its sponge-like structure. Its unique structure allows the complete reaction molecular within the resin bead with its hydroxyl available groups for a complete reaction. ResinTech PX-A75-OH has been designed as a fast reaction catalytic media for mineral and organic acids neutralization from aldehydes solutions, such formaldehyde. Because of its large polymeric macroporous structure the PX-A75-OH can easely neutralize formic acid content in formaldehyde solutions. In its dry version, the PX-A75-OH-D can be used as organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticides scavenging media from volatile oils.

  • Acid neutralization from polar and non polar solutions

  • Chromic acid neutralization and recovery from plating rinse water

  • Insecticides scavenging from volatile oils (Dry version)

Typical Properties

Polymer Matrix Styrenic Macroporous
Ionic Form Hydroxide
Functional Group Tertiary Amine
Physical Form Spherical Beads
Color White to Tan
Reversable Swelling Approx. 77% in phenol
Total Exchange Capacity (meq/mL) 1.3
Moisture Retention 54% to 62%
Shipping Weight Approx. 650 g/l

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