Buffered Weak Acid Cation Resin and Granular Activated Carbon

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ResinTech MBD-80 is a 4:1 volumetric mixture of WACG-HP (a buffered hydrogen form high purity grade weak acid cation resin) and AGC-40 CA (a 12 x 40 mesh acid washed granular carbon). Both the cation and carbon components have been Gold Seal Certified by the WQA for use in potable water applications. MBD-80 is intended for use in cartridges and filter devices to remove lead and chlorine from potable water and to reduce hardness and scale-forming ions.

  • Potable Water

  • Lead Reduction

  • Chlorine Reduction

Typical Properties

Polymer Matrix Acrylic Gel & Carbon
Ionic Form Hydrogen & Carbon
Functional Group Carboxylic Acid / Carbon
Media Combination WACG [80%] and AGC-40 CA [20%]
Color White / Cream & Black
Particle Size 8 to 50 US Mesh (297 - 2380 μm)
Reversable Swelling Insignificant
Temperature Limit 250°F (121°C)
Moisture Retention NA**
Shipping Weight 45 - 47 lbs/ft³ (721 - 753 g/L)
REACH Registered YES

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