Barrier Media, Polypropylene, Inert Form

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ResinTech IT-5 is an inert plastic low density granular support media for packed beds. IT-5 is significantly less dense than water and is lenticular in shape. It acts as an upper support bed and prevents resin fines from clogging distributer screens. IT-5 is intended to float above the active resin in packed bed ion exchangers.

  • Packed Bed Layer

Typical Properties

Polymer Matrix Polypropylene Clear
Ionic Form Inert
Functional Group None
Physical Form Rectangular Granules
Color Clear White
Particle Size 8 to 12 US Mesh (1680 - 2380 μm)
Uniformity Coefficient 1.2
Temperature Limit 212°F (100°C)
Moisture Retention 0% to 5%
Shipping Weight 32 - 34 lbs/ft³ (513 - 545 g/L)
REACH Registered YES

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