Strong Acid UPS Cation Resin, Polystyrenic Gel Crosslinked with 10% Divinylbenzene, Hydrogen Form

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ResinTech CG10-H-UPS is an amber-colored uniform particle size hydrogen form 10% cross-linked gel strong acid cation resin. The uniform beads and somewhat smaller harmonic mean size yields minimal pressure loss and better regeneration efficiency compared to Gaussian-sized resins. It is intended for use in all industrial applications that require a hydrogen form cation resin and is recommended for countercurrently regenerated systems such as packed beds.

  • Demineralization

  • Packed Beds

  • Cation Component in Mixed Beds

Typical Properties

Uniform Particle Size TRUE
Polymer Matrix Styrenic Gel
Ionic Form Hydrogen
Functional Group Sulfonic Acid
Physical Form Spherical Beads
Color Amber
Particle Size 20 to 40 US Mesh (400 - 841 μm)
Minimum Sphericity 95%
Uniformity Coefficient 1.25
Reversable Swelling H → Na -4% to -7%
Temperature Limit 265°F (129°C)
Total Exchange Capacity (meq/mL) 2.
Moisture Retention 44% to 52%
Shipping Weight 50 - 52 lbs/ft³ (801 - 833 g/L)
REACH Registered YES
Kosher Certified YES
Regenerability TRUE

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