Precious Metal Recovery

Precious metals are widely used in electroplating and other hi-tech manufacturing. Precious metals are also mined from leaching solutions and from seawater. Ion exchange resins are commonly used to remove trace levels and to concentrate precious metals. The metals are then recovered by various specialty regeneration techniques or by incinerating the resin.

ResinTech makes a variety of ion exchange products that are used for precious metal recovery and for solution mining. These products include the Thiol and Thiol-uranium functional resins, as well as the more conventional strong acid and strong base resins and granular activated carbon.

AGC-30 CS Coconut shell carbon used for concentration of gold cyanide.
SBG1 Type I Strong base anion for anionic metal complexes.
CG8 Amber colored sodium form Strong acid cation resin for cationic metals
CG8-H Amber colored high capacity hydrogen form cation resin.
SBG1-OH Hydroxide form type I high crosslinked strong base anion resin.
SIR-200 Mercury and heavy metal selective very weakly acidic cation resin with thiol functional groups.
SIR-400 Mercury and precious metal selective weakly basic anion resin with thiouronium functional groups

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