Point-of-Use Cartridges

Point of use treatment systems can be made for almost all commonly encountered drinking water contaminants including lead, arsenic, heavy metals nitrate, etc. These systems face kinetic challenges because the volume flow rates used in point of use systems are generally very high compared to bulk ion exchange.

ResinTech products available for point-of-use cartridges, include medias with high selectivity for lead, chlorine, nitrate, perchlorate, radioactive contaminants, pesticides and organic contaminants, and other harmful contaminants. ResinTech products are available in regenerated and pre-cleaned ready to use forms and are certified to the WQA Gold Seal ANSI/NSF 61 drinking water standard.

ResinTech expert technical staff are able to provide computer modeling for most ion exchange possibilities and provide accurate projections for operating capacities and leakage for all commonly encountered contaminants, when provided with the appropriate feed water analysis.

ResinTech Aries division also manufacture point of use cartridges and can provide almost any resin and cartridge configuration. Cartridges can be rapidly manufactured to meet almost any need and can be engineered to fit other manufacturers systems.

CG8 Sodium for strong cation resin for removal of hardness and heavy metals.
CG8-H-ID Hydrogen form amber colored cation resin dyed purple that changes to yellow colored as resin exhausts.
SBG1P-OH-ID Hydroxide form type I strong base anion resin with blue indicator dye that changes to colorless as resin exhausts.
WBG30 High capacity granular weakly basic anion exchanger.
SIR-100 Nitrate selective strong base anion resin for removal of nitrates.
ASM-10-HP Arsenic selective hybrid resin/adsorbent for Silicate and phosphate removal.
SIR-600 Specially prepared granular zeolite for selective ammonia removal.
MBD-30 High capacity mixed bed with blue indicator dye, changes from blue green to yellow as resin exhausts.
SIR-100-HP Macroporous nitrate selective strong base anion resin (triethylamine groups)
SIR-110-HP Gel type nitrate and perchlorate selective strong base anion resin (tributylamine groups)
SBG1-HP Gel type high capacity type I strong base anion resin.
SBG2-HP Gel type high capacity type II strong base anion resin.
SIR-22P-HP Unique very high porosity type I strong base resin with least possible chloride increase and low amine leaching.
SBACR Super high capacity acrylic strong base anion resin for highest possible operating capacity and lowest possible leakage.
SBACR-MP-HP Macroporous acrylic anion resin for low fouling in highly colored waters.
SBMP1 Macroporous type I high porosity anion resin for best physical and chemical strength
CG8-HP Amber colored sodium form industrial grade high capacity cation resin for removal of radium.
CG8-BL-HP Black colored sodium form industrial grade high capacity cation resin.
SACMP-HP Sodium form macroporous cation resin for radium and heavy metal removal.
SIR-150 Boron selective weakly basic anion resin. (Call For Specifications)
SIR-1200 Specially prepared type I strong base anion resin for removal of uranium.
AGC-40 AW Acid washed granular carbon.

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