Perchlorate Removal

ResinTech manufactures a gel type strong base anion resin with higher amine functionality that is highly selective for perchlorate and can remove traces of perchlorate from drinking water that contains very high concentrations of nitrate and other anions.

Perchlorate is a common contaminant of fertilizer and is also used in the Aerospace industry.  Perchlorate is a highly mobile anion and quickly finds its way into ground waters.  Perchlorate is known to increase risk of stomach tumors and contribute to other health issues, most states have set very low limits for perchlorate in drinking water.

ResinTechs perchlorate selective resin has the highest possible capacity for perchlorate and will load with perchlorate even when the concentration of nitrate and other anions is quite high.  The combination of high capacity and high selectivity makes ResinTechs perchlorate selective anion resin the most cost effective choice for perchlorate removal systems. 

ResinTech SIR-110-HP is specially prepared to be taste and odor free and is WQA certified to meet the ANSI/NSF 61 standard for potable water.

SIR-100-HP Chloride form macroporous nitrate selective strong base anion resin.
SIR-110-HP Gel type perchlorate selective strong base anion resin (tributylamine groups).
SIR-110-MP Chloride form nitrate and perchlorate selective strong base anion resin.

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