Our Story

In 1986, chemical engineer, Michael Gottlieb, was already a recognized expert in ion exchange for water treatment. Having risen through the technical ranks of prominent brands like Permatit and Sybron, he had more than a dozen years of industry experience to his credit when his wife, Lynne, urged him to start his own company, ResinTech.

The early years

Working from the basement of his New Jersey home, Mike began importing resin from suppliers worldwide. The family kitchen doubled as the company laboratory where Mike would analyze resin samples to ensure they met his high- quality standards. He used a rented cement mixer to blend cation with anion. His sons were enlisted to bag the resin and ship it — one cubic foot at a time.

A family affair

Mike’s oldest son, Jeffrey, joined the company full time in 1986 as its Chief Financial Officer. A credit analyst for a regional bank in Philadelphia, Jeff had rich experience in global chemicals, wholesale and retail and manufacturing, and Middle Market lending. His first big “deal” in 1991 was to move business operations out of the family home and into a small 10,000 ft2 facility a few miles away that included space for a lab, pilot plant, and warehouse.

Mike’s youngest son, Larry, a mechanical engineer, joined the company in 1993 and helped to improve operations and increase capacity steadily. He would leverage his mechanical expertise even more in the years ahead as the company began making filter cartridges and high-purity water systems.


Growth and expansion


Over the next three decades, the team steadily expanded the business through reinvestment. Each time they moved to a new facility, it seemed they would outgrow it within a few short years.

They aggressively acquired small, complementary operations and combined the assets and capabilities to form new business units.

A Regeneration Services division  (ACM Technologies) was established to offer offsite resin regeneration, closed- loop wastewater treatment solutions, and RO membrane restoration.

A Filterworks division (Aries Filterworks) resulted from acquiring multiple filter cartridge brands (Vaponics, Hydro Components, and others). This division would manufacture standard and custom water purification cartridges and high-purity lab water systems leveraging ResinTech premium media — each made in America.

The company purchased more advanced analytic instrumentation and added more technical expertise to create a Lab Services division offering world-class, unbiased resin and water analysis to customers.


In 2020, ResinTech opened its new state-of-the- art global headquarters and non-solvent cation plant in Camden, New Jersey USA. The 360,000 square foot complex is the first new ion exchange factory in the US in more than thirty years. Inside, it manufactures its own ion exchange resin from scratch to rigid specifications without using solvents.

The factory firmly establishes ResinTech as a premier manufacturer of water treatment products, including ion exchange resin, granular activated carbon, water purification cartridges, and high purity water systems — all proudly made in the USA. Learn more


ResinTech Today

ResinTech continues to be a global leader in ion exchange for water purification, helping distributors and operators worldwide improve the quality of their water. The legendary technical expertise Mike Gottlieb established years ago continues to be the standard to which we hold ourselves.

In addition to our headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, ResinTech maintains operations in West Berlin, New Jersey; Forest Hill, Maryland; Sarasota, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Gardena, California.

Together, our facilities provide millions of cubic feet of ion exchange resin, activated carbon, high purity water systems, and cartridges to customers in over 100 countries every year.

And it all started in a basement.