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ResinTech Opens New Cation Resin Plant and Global HQ


ResinTech Inc. announced that is has officially moved into its new global headquarters in Camden, New Jersey. The $138.8M development project includes 353,000 square feet of new construction on a twenty-seven acre campus just two miles from Center City Philadelphia. The company is among several other global brands who have made the move to Camden including American Water and Subaru of America.

The new high-tech facility is the largest of its kind on the East Coast and the first new U.S. plant built to produce ion exchange resins in over 30 years. Sized to produce up to 1 million cubic feet of strong acid cation resin a year, the plant can be expanded to meet the demands of the growing market.

The building features an larger world-class laboratory with even more sensitive equipment for water and resin testing. “We’ve nearly doubled the size of our lab operations and purchased equipment capable of measuring PFAS and other contaminants at parts per trillion levels.” said ResinTech President, Larry Gottlieb. “The new capabilities will provide customers with a greater understanding of their water’s composition than ever before.”

ResinTech has also moved its Aries Filterworks division, makers of POU filters and lab water systems, to the same complex. By manufacturing these products in the same building where the key media ingredients are made, ResinTech believes it will increase operational efficiencies and time-to-market. The company plans to bring its resin regeneration division, ACM Technologies, to New Jersey before the end of the year as well.

ARIES ultra-pure lab water systems. ResinTech will bring its ARIES FILTERWORKS business unit in-house to increase efficiency and time-to-market of POU filters and cartridges.
ResinTech Lab Services Lab


ResinTech’s CEO, Jeff Gottlieb, discussed the company’s excitement about moving to their new community and bringing manufacturing back to the United States, “This project brings so much excitement and reason for optimism on many levels. Locally, we’re bringing jobs to New Jersey and to Camden specifically, a community that really need them. At the national level,

there’s excitement about us making resin in the U.S. We are producing solvent-free, environmentally-friendly ion exchange resins using state-of-the-art production technology, highly- efficient manufacturing techniques, and low cost solar energy — the combination of which will empower us to compete globally and employ locally for the foreseeable future.”

Mike Gottlieb, ResinTech’s Chairman who founded the company in out of his home in 1986, continued, “The water treatment community understands the significance of this project. They recognize that this is the first fully integrated polymer and sulfonation production plant built in North America in more than 30 years.” Mr. Gottlieb continued, “When I think back to when I started this company out of my home, I never dreamed we’d be able to produce the incredible volume of resin and cartridges the plant is capable of producing. To do it with my sons and to create hundreds of jobs for people along the way is incredibly gratifying.”

The new solar-powered complex is already employing nearly 250 people, many of them local Camden residents. At peak capacity, the plant hopes to have as many as 400 employees.

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