05 Oct 21 |

ResinTech Non-Solvent Resins Get WQA Gold Seal


WEST BERLIN, NJ — U.S. Ion exchange manufacturer, ResinTech, Inc., announced today that it received the Water Quality Association’s (WQA) Gold Seal certification for its new line of domestically produced non-solvent cation resins. The news comes a little more than a year after the ResinTech moved into its massive new global headquarters and production facility in Camden, New Jersey, the first new facility of its kind to be built in the United States in over three decades.

“This is a significant validation for the work our team is doing,” said ResinTech Director of Operations, Joe Mandara. “The Water Quality Association’s (WQA) Gold Seal has become the international ‘Mark of Product Quality’ as far as drinking water treatment products are concerned.”

According to the WQA, products that go through the program must withstand rigorous testing to evaluate the performance and integrity of the product.

  • Materials Safety ensures that the materials used in the product will not contribute contaminants to the drinking water.
  • Chemical Performance measures contaminant reduction capabilities over the life and capacity of the unit.
  • Structural Integrity ensures that the product will withstand ten years of regular household use.
  • In addition, reviews are conducted to ensure that the product literature supplied to consumers meets WQA’s code of ethics, is congruent with the test results, and contains the required information outlined in the standard.

Non-solvent cation is ResinTech’s flagship ion exchange resin. The company can produce up to one million cubic feet of premium quality media each year in a wide variety of mesh sizes and crosslink ranges. The product’s dark brown-black color also makes it ideal for mixed bed resins since it lends itself for easy visual separation during regeneration.

Jeff Gottlieb, ResinTech’s CEO, said, “Historically, ion exchange resins were often manufactured using the solvent, ethylene dichloride (DCE). The absence of the chemical from our manufacturing process helps reduce the public’s exposure to the chemical. In addition, our factory is solar-powered. So our process is healthier for consumers and healthier for the planet.”

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