06 Jan 21 |

ResinTech Deploys New Lab Technology


CAMDEN, NJ — ResinTech, Inc. announced today that the company has deployed a world- class lab information management system (LIMS). The upgrade, which comes less than a year after the company’s decision to offer an even wider array of water testing options to its customers, reinforces the company’s goal of offering best-in-class Lab Services for the water treatment industry.

“We made a commitment to select and deploy an enterprise-level LIMS system capable of generating the detailed reporting those customers demand,” said Tom Smith, head of ResinTech’s Lab Services division. ResinTech President, Larry Gottlieb, continued, “Tom has assembled an incredibly talented team of technicians and it only makes sense that we support them with the best technology. I think you would be hard-pressed to find a more modern lab with more sophisticated equipment anywhere in the world when it comes to water treatment. ”

ResinTech Laboratory Services (https://www.resintech.com/lab-services) performs tens of thousands of tests on resin and water samples every year.

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