14 Sep 16 |

Mike Warner Promoted to President of ACM Technologies


ACM Technologies, providers of ion exchange resin regeneration services, today announced the promotion of Mike Warner as company president. He will have primary responsibility for oversight of business operations in all locations throughout the United States.

Mike has been with ACM Technologies since its inception in 1999, contributing 27 years of experience in industrial waste water treatment and hazardous waste regulatory compliance. During his 17 years with ACM Mike has designed, constructed and operated 5 regeneration plants. Mike has been a licensed Industrial Waste Water Works Superintended since 1994. His experience within the water industry and all aspects of business operations will allow ACM Technologies to adapt to changing industry standards, promote growth and, most importantly, serve the customers’ needs.

“Mike Warner has been an integral part of ACM Technologies and the ResinTech family of companies and a key part of our success. His promotion to president will guarantee the future success of the company,” said Jeffrey Gottlieb, CEO of ResinTech, Inc.

ACM Technologies, Inc., provides ion exchange resin regeneration services and wastewater treatment equipment. ACM’s Metals Eliminator System is designed to remove a wide variety of dissolved metals and contaminants from plating rinse waters, producing DI water suitable for recycling, and essentially “Closing the Loop.” In addition to regeneration services and equipment, ACM offers ResinTech ion exchange resins, activated carbon, and fiberglass tanks. ACM Technologies is part of the ResinTech Family of Companies.

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