18 Mar 20 |

ACM Tanks Certified for Hazardous Waste Transport


ACM’s 14′ x 47″ tanks have been officially certified by TEN-E Packaging Services as passing the standards for the Department of Transportation’s Title 49 CFR; Performance Oriented Packaging Standards, Section 178.

ACM tanks were required to pass rigorous testing to demonstrate their reliability when used to transport dangerous materials.  The vessels were measured according their dependability and performance when subjected to extreme conditions such as drops, hydrostatics, vibrations, and stacking.

“We have always known that our tanks are probably the most reliable vessels in the industry.  This certification makes it official. It gives all our customers, especially those in California, the peace of mind to know that our equipment meets and exceeds the most stringent standards. ” said Mike Warner, ACM’s President.  ACM Technologies is the regeneration division of ion exchange company, ResinTech, Inc.

https://s3.amazonaws.com/acmix/orionjs/ACM 19-MN30153 1H2 Waste Tank Report.pdf

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