Manufacturing has returned to America.

Our recently-completed global headquarters and manufacturing facility is in Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A. Dedicated in July of 2020, our Camden factory is the most modern facility of its kind anywhere in the world. LEED® certified and highly efficient, the plant is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology and automation and employs nearly 400 team members. It draws its power from a 1.7-megawatt roof-mounted solar array. The facility manufactures or processes nearly every media product in our catalog and accounts for more than 60% of our overall media production capacity. 

Our production line dedicated to softening resin will manufacture over one million cubic feet of premium quality, non-solvent black cation resin each year — each batch formulated without the use of harmful solvents like Dichloroethane (DCE). Our non-solvent cation is some of the cleanest industrial softening and demineralizing resin available in the IX market. 

ResinTech maintains additional production and warehousing facilities in West Berlin, New Jersey; Forest Hill, Maryland; Sarasota, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Gardena, California; Toronto, Canada; and Litchfield, United Kingdom. Together, our facilities process an additional two million cubic feet of ion exchange resin, activated carbon, and selective exchange media to customers in over 100 countries every year.

The world’s most advanced ion exchange resin factory.

Global Headquarters

In 2020, we opened our brand new ion exchange resin factory and global headquarters in Camden, New Jersey, USA, the first new resin manufacturing plant constructed in the U.S. in over three decades.

Built from the ground up, designed for maximum efficiency, and equipped with the latest manufacturing technology, the $139.9MM factory is the most modern facility of its kind anywhere in the world.

The Camden factory will efficiently produce well over 550,000 cubic feet of non-solvent black cation resin every year at peak capacity. And that’s just the beginning. The facility will continue mixing, functionalizing, processing, and producing other IX media products, activated carbon, mixed bed resins, and other water treatment products. The plant is designed to expand by 50% with minimal investment.


The Camden facility reflects ResinTech’s on going commitment to sustainability. This journey began more than a decade ago when the company installed a 4-acre solar field in its previous headquarters in West Berlin, New Jersey.

A LEED® Silver certified project, the highly efficient factory is built to the most stringent safety and environmental standards. It draws its power from a 3.0-megawatt solar array. The aggregate solar output from all ResinTech properties is now more than 5.5 megawatts. In addition, the factory uses a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility that assures that no harmful discharges emanate from the facility.

The cleanest non-solvent black cation resin imaginable.

Quality Control

All products are made using the strictest ISO 9001 manufacturing standards and REACH registered.

A series of human-machine interfaces throughout the factory facilitate complete automation and allow engineers to monitor the status of every piece of equipment used during the production process. Packaging automation technology minimizes the degree to which human hands interact with finished media.

All products destined for use in drinking water applications carry the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal certification to give consumers the peace of mind they need for potable use. In addition, Kosher and Halal certificates are available upon request.



Our 27-acre campus in Camden, New Jersey, includes two buildings. Together, they cover 363,000 square feet, including over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space and 39 loading docks.

ResinTech maintains additional facilities in West Berlin, New Jersey; Forest Hill, Maryland; Sarasota, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Gardena, California; Toronto, Canada; and Litchfield, United Kingdom.



Over 650 team members (including 400 at the Camden factory alone) work to manufacture or process our wide range of products.