Closed Loop Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater discharge regulations are becoming more stringent at every level of government. The penalties for non-compliance are costly. Frequently, industrial operators are unaware that discharge levels exceed EPA thresholds and place them at risk of being fined. Metal finishing rinse waters are at particular risk.

Introducing… the HELIX Metals Elimination System.


These “closed loop” water treatment solutions utilize genuine ResinTech ion exchange media to target and recover specific heavy metal ions from wastewater streams. Clean, deionized water can then be returned to your process allowing you to use the same water continuously, only replenishing water lost to evaporation. If you prefer to discharge, you can rest easy knowing your wastewater is always EPA compliant. Either way, the result is reduced costs associated with labor, chemicals, and sludge and slurry waste disposal.


HELIX systems are ideal for metal finishing
environments with limited floor space


Best of all… it is so turnkey it’s literally “plug and go” and packed with features:

  • Skid Mounted. Mounted on a painted carbon steel frame

  • Compact. Just 18 square feet (3’x6ʹ footprint) HELIX systems are ideal for metal finishing environments with limited floor space.

  • Portable. Locking skid casters allow for mobility to support different waste streams

  • Simple Installation. Quick-connect hose connectors

  • Standard Power. Runs on standard 110V AC outlet

  • Resin Life Indicator. Conductivity light indicates when tanks need to be changed

  • Fast. 1.5 hp pump provides support flow rate of ~20 gpm

  • Built-in Backup Tanks. System comes with four 14”x47” vessels, two (2) for service and two (2) as back-up when vessels exhaust

  • DI Feed Compatible. Able to provide DI water upon request

Keep your business running while keeping your workplace safe and environmentally responsible. Let us help design the right HELIX system for you environment.

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