Nothing is more pure than CLïR water.

For decades, ResinTech ion exchange resins have been the essential ingredient that drive purity in many of today’s leading high-purity lab water systems. With the introduction of CLïR Lab Water Systems, ResinTech has established itself as the only vertically integrated lab water system manufacturer in the world.


Low-cost consumables and no service contracts

Lab water equipment is costly enough without budgeting for high-cost service contracts and expensive replacement cartridges. CLïR systems are so easy to maintain they don’t require a service contract. Plus, CLïR systems are made by one of the world’s leading filtration media manufacturers. This vertical integration means that replacement cartridges cost much less than more well-known brands. The self-serviceability and low-cost consumables lead to a much lower cost of ownership.



2 year warranty with registration and a “no-fuss” happiness guarantee.

A laboratory day without high-purity water is a nonproductive day. So, lab water systems need to be dependable — reliably dispensing 18.2 MΩ water at the push of a button. That’s why each CLïR lab water system comes with a no-fuss “happiness guarantee.” Simply register your CLïR system upon installation. Then, if your system under performs for any reason during the first 24 months, we’ll replace it, no questions asked.


Intuitive touch-screen and self-serviceable consumables.

We like things simple (we’re guessing you do too). So CLïR systems use proven technology with the fewest number of moving parts and quick release filter cartridge connections. We’ve also made CLïR systems easy to use by incorporating intuitive touch screen controls that allow you to dispense on demand, create volumetric presets, check consumable status, or troubleshoot with just a few touches. Plus, “how-to” videos are just a click away, making the systems easy to use for transient user environments.


Made in America under the highest standards of ASTM type I reagent water.

There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly how something is made. CLïR lab water systems are manufactured by ResinTech, the globally recognized experts in water purification. Each unit is assembled by hand to the most exacting standards. The only vertical integrated system in the lab market, every aspect of each CLïR system (including the cartridges and even the media inside) is manufactured under the same roof in our 180,000 ft2 state-of-the-art ISO-certified facility in Camden, NJ. We’re proud to say CLïR systems are “Made in America”.


Multiple mounting options.

Not all labs are configured the same. Various factors may influence the amount of accessible counter space available for a water system. CLïR systems have multiple mounting options that provide lab managers and property owners with all the flexibility they need. A compact footprint makes a simple tabletop configuration quick and easy. At the same time, remote dispense options allow users to place the central unit on a wall or in a cabinet to save valuable counter space. CLïR systems are designed for all users to dictate placement (not the other way around).

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