We combine system engineering with technical expertise to extend the life of your water and water treatment resources.


ResinTech’s Resource Recovery division (ACM Technologies) offers products and services designed to help operators extend the life of the water and water filtration resources.

Off-site Resin Regeneration

ResinTech Resource Recovery specializes in restoring exhausted resin to its proper ionic form for service. Regeneration provides the customer with savings across the board from buying “virgin” products and the peace of mind that the waste is properly handled.

All regeneration processes are tightly controlled with separate regeneration lines for non-metal bearing resins as well. Each regenerated lot is quality tested to ensure the customer achieves the highest quality water and capacity. ResinTech operates regeneration plants on both the east and west coast and offers regeneration solutions for a full range of ion exchange media including:


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Closed-loop Wastewater Systems

Many industries face strict wastewater discharge limits at the local, state, and federal levels. Many operators are unaware that the water they are discharging is non-compliant or that the monetary fines associated with compliance violations can be severe.

ResinTech designs water treatment systems best suited for your environment and application. Our solutions combine system engineering with technical expertise to target and recover specific heavy metal ions from wastewater streams by using genuine ResinTech ion exchange media.

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RO Membrane Cleaning

Periodic professional membrane cleaning increases efficiency and extends the useable life of membranes for years. Since the cost implications are a fraction of what it costs to continually purchase new membranes, many operators have come to recognize the economic advantage of cleaning over replacement.

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