Our mission is to ensure people and businesses get the greatest benefit from the water they rely on every day.

ResinTech’s flagship Media Formulation division manufactures premium quality ion exchange and other filtration media in the United States to the most exacting standards. Our dedication and expertise is why operators worldwide trust ResinTech products to help them achieve optimal water quality for virtually every conceivable application including: softening, demineralizing, municipal conditioning, condensate polishing, radwaste treatment, and more.

This division is responsible for manufacturing and functionalizing over 150 different ion exchange resins, activated carbons, and specialty media products.

Ion Exchange Resin

Ion exchange resins are excellent for large (utility) and small (home water softener) installations and are particularly well suited for removing ionic impurities. Their stability and regenerable characteristics make IX resins a great choice for water treatment professionals. Most IX resins are offered in a variety of grades and mesh distributions (coarse, fine, gaussian and uniform) to meet operator requirements.

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Specialty Media

Some applications, like nuclear power generation, call for the selective exchange of harmful ions from a specific aqueous solution or perhaps the need to recover precious metals. To meet this requirement, ResinTech offers a variety of specialty resins and selective exchangers for removing Arsenic, Nitrate, Perchlorate, Chromate, Uranium, Radium, Silica, and more. These products are available in several ionic forms, particle sizes, and cross-linkage for excellent thermal stability and immediate use without pre-conditioning. Gravel, greensand, and other support bed media are also available.

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Activated Carbon

Activated carbons are an excellent solution for taste, odor and chlorine removal applications. Premium carbons are available in coal, coconut shell, and catalytic GAC and can be pH stabilized with an acid wash and high purity DI water rinse. ResinTech carbons are dried to consistent moisture to provide a dust-free product.

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Packaging Options

Bulk media is offered to distributors in in a wide range of packaging suitable for palletization including:

  • 500 ml heat sealed sample packs
  • 1.0 ft3 (28.32 L) bags
  • 1.0 ft3 (28.32 L) boxes
  • 1.0 ft3 (28.32 L) cans
  • 5.0 ft3 (141.58 L) drums
  • 7.0 ft3 (198.22 L) drums
  • 42 ft3 (1189.31 L) supersacks

Fiberglass Tanks

ResinTech has portable exchange deionization (PEDI) vessels and accessories in stock in a range of common sizes. All fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks are designed to withstand the rigors of portable exchange service and contain an inert polymer liner that provides superior durability and chemical resistance. High-temperature tanks are also available upon request.

Fully-assembled tanks filled with your choice of resin, carbon, or specialty media provide one- stop solutions and help you save of shipping costs.

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ReSTore Resin Cleaner

ReSTore liquid resin cleaner provides a solid defense against contaminant build-up and keeps your softening media and control valve parts back to optimal efficiency ensuring maximum life of the unit. Upon request, we can even private label ReSTore to reflect your own water treatment brand.

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