The brightest scientists. The most sensitive laboratory equipment.

We’re dedicated to making water healthier to drink and safer to use. So it just makes sense that we would have the brightest scientists and most sensitive laboratory equipment in the world necessary to measure water composition and recommend solutions to help water work better for you.

Each year, our Lab Services team analyzes thousands of resin and water samples in our 6,000 square foot world- renowned laboratory. Our staff of ion exchange scientists uses state-of-the-art instrumentation capable of the most minute detection levels to provide an unbiased, quantitative analysis of resin or water samples.

Water Testing

Water testing provides a complete understanding of your waste, process, or raw water and the specific contaminants present within each. Advanced instrumentation gives us the ability to identify dozens of emerging contaminants and fluorocarbons like PFOA and PFOS. We can even supply distributors with white-labeled water testing kits and perform lab analysis on your behalf.

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Resin Testing

Periodic testing of resin samples from ion exchange units allows operators to track the degradation of resin and observe fouling problems before they become serious. The resulting analysis offers valuable insights and helps inform decisions for optimizing the ion exchange systems.

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Field Services and Technical Support

Our technical specialists are available for site visits to perform plant elution studies, conduct in-house operator training, or review the start-up or regeneration procedures. We can even help design or troubleshoot your systems, including lab water systems, to improve efficiency.

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MIST-X Resin Performance Modeling

Our proprietary MIST-X® (Multiple Ion Simulation Technology) software provides accurate information about how ion exchange resins will perform under specific conditions. The analysis arms engineers with the requisite data to make informed decisions about the best resin for their situation, predict its useable life and forecast the costs needed to maintain them.

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