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Aquarium treatment involves surprisingly sophisticated chemistry. Water chemistry required for healthy aquariums is as varied as the life forms that thrive in them.

Aquarium treatment includes conventional deionization and color indicator resins as well as granular carbon and adsorbant medias that are selective for specific contaminants such as silica, ammonia, phosphate, nitrate, etc.

ResinTech offers a large number of ion exchange resins and adsorbent medias suitable for use in the aquarium industry. These products include resins that are selective for nitrate and ammonia removal, among others. All ResinTech products are suitable for aquarium use with very low levels of toxic leachables.

CG8 Sodium for strong cation resin for removal of hardness and heavy metals.
CG8-H-ID Hydrogen form amber colored cation resin dyed purple that changes to yellow colored as resin exhausts.
SBG1P-OH-ID Hydroxide form type I strong base anion resin with blue indicator dye that changes to colorless as resin exhausts. (Call For Specifications)
WBG30 High capacity granular weakly basic anion exchanger.
SBACR Acrylic strong base anion resin for organic color removal.
SIR-100-HP Nitrate selective strong base anion resin for removal of nitrates.
ASM-10-HP Arsenic selective hybrid resin/adsorbent for Silicate and phosphate removal.
SIR-600 Specially prepared granular zeolite for selective ammonia removal.
MBD-30 High capacity mixed bed with blue indicator dye changes from blue-green to yellow as resin exhausts.

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